• Freddy Khalastchi

    Freddy Khalastchi

    I'm a partner at Menzies LLP. I specialise in restructuring, insolvency and forensic accounting and have a keen interest in corporate finance.

  • Stas Kazantsev

    Stas Kazantsev

  • Paul Hajek

    Paul Hajek

    Owner-Clutton Cox conveyancing wills & probate solicitors. Owner of Blog and Content Marketing Consultancy for Law Firms http://t.co/Mwx0vJ7u7X

  • Pegasus CorpGovnance

    Pegasus CorpGovnance

    Information about UK and EU corporate governance, compliance, and legislation.

  • @dbanksy


    Journalist, author, contributor to The Guardian and The Independent, media law consultant, blatherskite, Welshman

  • TheFightBackFeminist


    A PhD scholar (& previous “PMDD”-er): Fight-back feminist, formerly full of hormones and fed up of being fobbed off - Not 'mad' just trying to get even!!

  • Juan Incognito

    Juan Incognito

    Metric Martyr

  • Nigel Heppenstall

    Nigel Heppenstall

    Interested in: law, war, the tectonic shifts of vast impersonal forces, beer, nerds, and, please, be kind, some humour. Ishe komberera Africa.

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