Keeping Track of Case Law: ICLR acquires CaseTrack archive of unreported judgments

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We are proud to announce that following the closing down of the CaseTrack database platform at the end of February 2017, its collection of 80,000 judgment transcripts dating back to 1996 has been acquired by ICLR.

These judgment transcripts will be available to subscribers of ICLR Online, alongside the official series of The Law Reports dating back to 1865, the Weekly Law Reports, and our various specialist law reports, digests and case notes. Subscribers of ICLR Online can also search and retrieve information about cases reported elsewhere and link to unreported judgments on BAILII via our unique Citator+ index cards.

CaseTrack was managed by Merrill Corp, also known as WordWave International, trading as DTI Global, who continue to provide transcription services to the Court of Appeal, Civil and Criminal Divisions and the Administrative Court of the Queen’s Bench Division, as well as some judgments from other High Court divisions. For more details on obtaining approved court transcripts from the Royal Courts of Justice, see (via the Justice website): Form EX107 INFO Guidance, transcription panel list and prices.

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The ICLR publishes The Law Reports, The Weekly Law Reports and other specialist titles. Set up by members of the judiciary and legal profession in 1865.

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