Weekly Notes: legal news from ICLR — 12 June 2017

This week’s roundup of legal news and commentary is dominated by the fallout from the general election, which turns out to have been either a dangerous gamble or a stupid blunder, or both. We look at its effect on Brexit, crime and media policies, and other recent legal developments both here and abroad.

With profound apologies to Gal Gadot, in what turned out to be a rather splendid adventure film.

General Election 2017

May’s great gamble

The result

The benefit of hindsight

Minority report

An extension of time, for a more open Brexit


Democratic Unionist Party manifesto

Cabinet reshuffle

Lord Chancellor Lidington: another new face at the Ministry

Media law

Press regulation

Human Rights


Prisons and Courts Bill

SFO merger into NCA

Dates and Deadlines

Keble scholarships

Liberty — work experience

Law (and injustice) from around the world


Comey testifies


Bid to fix copyright


Reform of civil justice costs

Tweets of the Week…

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