Weekly Notes: legal news from ICLR, 13 January 2020

As the new law term begins, we welcome our readers back with our first roundup of the legal year, catching up with legal news and commentary over the holiday break.

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Bills, thrills and bellyaches


Legal professions

New chair of Bar speaks out


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Danish Judges expressing their solidarity to Polish colleagues

Support for protest by Polish judges

Family law

Equal civil partnerships

D-day redux

Constitutional law

Constitution, Democracy and Rights Commission

Civil procedure

Mandatory E-filing at SCCO

Some recent reads

Women in law: a century of change

Lady Hale: ‘My Desert Island Judgments? Number one would probably be the prorogation case’

Behind Closed Doors — BBC Radio 4’s legal drama

Judgment Day

Book review: Legal Research — A Practitioners Handbook, by Emily Allbon (with Ian Hunter)

Barristers behaving badly: when does your private life bring your profession into disrepute?

How to dress the court — and yourself

Northern Ireland January 2020

Other recent roundups

Looking back:

Looking forward:

Dates and Deadlines

Law Terms 2020

Middle Temple LGBTQ+ Social

Beyond the knife — Care before criminalisation

The Great Legal Bake

And finally…

Tweet of the week

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