Weekly Notes: legal news from ICLR — 15 July 2019

After a short holiday break we’re back with a new roundup of legal news and commentary, including contempt of court, damages discount rates, environmental protest and more…

In the (dry) dock: Extinction Rebellion floats idea of ecocide outside the law courts

Environmental law

Calls for criminalisation of “ecocide”


Discount rate announced

Media law

Freedom of the press

Meanwhile, politics…

Contempt of Court

Tommy-rot condemned

Crime / Employment

Rehabilitation revolution


Northern Ireland abortion and LGBT rights


Reform under scrutiny

Pushing for ODR

Lost costs note fiasco

Commentary catch-up

Bloomsbury Professional

Prospect magazine

Stowe Family Law

ICLR blog

Transparency Project

Transform Justice

ICLR news


And finally…

Tweet of the week

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