Weekly Notes: legal news from ICLR, 18 October 2021

Will the government put a spanner in the works? Image via Shutterstock.

Human Rights

“If he failed at the Foreign Office, why give him another cabinet position? And what had Buckland done wrong to get the sack, with no compensatory job? The answer may lie in the strident nationalism and populist-ideological bent of the Johnson government and of Raab himself.”

“If the government wants to be seen to be ‘taking control of our laws’ by weakening, even severing, links with the European convention and its court, Raab is the man for the job.”


“Accountability in a democracy depends on elected decision-makers not just taking advice, but examining, questioning and challenging it before making their own decisions. Although it was a rapidly changing situation, given the large number of deaths predicted it was surprising that the initially fatalistic assumptions about the impossibility of suppressing the virus were not challenged until it became clear the NHS could be overwhelmed. Even when the UK strategy did change dramatically in March 2020, it was because of domestic concern about the NHS being overwhelmed rather than a serious decision to follow emerging international best practice.”

“Despite being one of the first countries in the world to develop a test for covid in January 2020, the United Kingdom failed to translate that scientific leadership into operational success in establishing an effective test and trace system during the first year of the pandemic.”


“BOUDICA, between the first day of January 60 and the first day of January 62, used action involving serious violence against persons, namely the inhabitants of Camulodunum, Londinium and Verulamium, and/or involving serious damage to the property of the same persons and to public property, and/or endangering the lives of those persons, and/or creating a serious risk to their health and safety, in that she raised an army and led, instructed and caused it to destroy Camulodunum, Londinium and Verulamium, and to kill the inhabitants, and her action was designed to influence the government of Rome or to intimidate the public or a section of the public, for the purpose of advancing a political or ideological cause, namely Iceni dissidence and secession.”


“Support will be delivered face to face through community and advice centres, such as Citizens’ Advice and law centres. It will also be available over the phone or via online software, such as Skype. In parallel, staff at our Courts and Tribunals Service Centres continue to deliver lighter-touch digital support over the telephone.”

Conference news

“The Bahamas Police band proved to be a particular highlight to break up the various speeches. Not only were their tunes joyful and rousing, but they even matched music to movement as they swung around their tubas and trumpets and generally brought a great Bahamian warmth to our Opening Ceremony.”

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Recent publications of interest

“As expected, the core thrust of the response is that, in pressing for a new more business and particularly tech-friendly data protection regime, the Government should be careful not to throw the data privacy baby out with the bathwater.”


Dates and Deadlines

And finally…



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