Weekly Notes: legal news from ICLR, 2 March 2020

Your latest update of legal news and commentary comes in to land — but not on a third runway at Heathrow; its cargo includes unsettled Europeans, a trolling barrister, an arrested warrant, a continued inquiry, and more powers to the elbow of the long arm of the law.

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Planning law

Heathrow runway reversal


EU Settlement Scheme

European Arrest Warrant

Legal services

Coping with coronavirus

Coronavirus and the courts

Public inquiries

Witness immunity at Grenfell Tower Inquiry

Legal profession

Code of Conduct applies to non-practising barrister


Covenant consultation

Forensic Science

Skills shortage threatening justice

Recent publications

What is a Barrister? Demystifying the Bar

Why the Hereford Times publishes court reports

ILPC Evening Seminar: Digital Justice: Convenience at What Cost?

Protecting freedom — Lee v Ashers Baking Company Ltd and others (the ‘gay cake’ case)


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Dates …

Becoming a barrister: the Insider’s Guide

Legal Futures Compliance and Regulation Conference

Crowdjustice: Judicial Review to get justice for Harry Dunn

… and Deadlines [delayed]

Extension of time: President’s call for evidence

Postponed: Whiplash reforms

And finally…

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