Weekly Notes: legal news from ICLR, 2 November 2020

This week’s roundup of legal news and commentary includes a further lockdown, yet more confusing regulations, courtly compliance or its lack, Brexit, equality or its lack, and someone now in the Depps of disgrace. But first, a moment of calm…

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Lockdown (No 2)

www.coronavirus/I am confused.com

Masking the problem

Courts say they can cope …

… but are they complying?


Guidance for lawyers


EHRC report on Labour party antisemitism

Media law

Depp’s defamation claim lost

Recent publications and broadcasts

Dates and Deadlines

Middle Temple Treasurer’s Lecture: Sir John Major KG CH, The State We’re In

LLST Great Legal Quiz

Family Justice Council Forum

And finally…

Tweet of the week

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