Weekly Notes: legal news from ICLR, 27 July 2020

As the summer vacation beckons, this term’s final roundup of legal news and commentary includes national (in)security, deprivation of citizenship, a semi-centenary of law centres, and what’s been happening in the courts. But first, a message from our CEO.

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ICLR news

A message from the CEO

Printed part covers

National security

Russia report released


Deprivation of citizenship


Barristers block backlog plans

Common platform arrives

Socially distanced hearings

Law Centres

North Kensington’s half century

Other recent news and commentary


Data protection

Family law

Housing law

Insurance claims


Media and communications

Mental capacity




And finally….

Enjoy the break.

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Queen’s Counsel cartoon by Alex Williams via QC Cartoon

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The ICLR publishes The Law Reports, The Weekly Law Reports and other specialist titles. Set up by members of the judiciary and legal profession in 1865.

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