Weekly Notes: legal news from ICLR — 7 May 2019

We welcome you back to the short new law term, with a roundup of legal news and comment, including courts, open justice, crime and punishment, and family law. And a bit of Brexit, with regret.


Responses to HoC Justice Committee inquiry

Online courts legislation and rules

Open Justice

Privacy and anonymity orders in civil litigation


EU Elections

Crime and Punishment

Prisons update

Probation reform

Cops v Mopeds (v 2)

Notorious cases

Legal aid

New webchat support

Family law

A Tortoise ‘ThinkIn’ on the crisis in the child protection system

Employment law

NDA consultation

Legal professions

Should lawyers be unionised?

ICLR news

We’re recruiting!

Dates and Deadlines

Sir Nicholas Wall memorial lecture

Four Jurisdictions Conference 2019

The Civil Procedure Rules at 20 Anniversary Conference

And finally…

Tweet of the week

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