Weekly Notes: legal news from ICLR, 7 October 2019

UK Supreme Court during Miller 2/Cherry hearing

Constitutional law


“The Met is determined to learn lessons from Sir Richard’s review to improve our response to similar situations in the future, and we published his recommendations and the key failings that he had identified in relation to Operation Midland in 2016. The MPS and the officers involved cooperated fully with Sir Richard.”


(i) access to the formal legal system,

(ii) access to an effective hearing,

(iii) access to a decision in accordance with substantive law,

(iv) access to remedy.

“Three further areas of priority need were identified by stakeholders: (i) reforming the system for providing free, public access to judgments, (ii) improving access to court listings and (iii) providing free access to certain types of case level data, including transcripts and statements of case (Chapter 4, sections H1-H3). In relation to the need to reform the system for making judgments available to the public, stakeholders’ concerns related to the coverage of existing free to access databases, the comprehensibility of content to those without legal training and the format in which judgments are published.”

“HMCTS should work with the judiciary and colleagues in the Ministry of Justice to commission an independent report which reviews the current arrangements for disseminating judgments to the public and maps the information flows from courts to publication. On the basis of this report, HMCTS and the MoJ should engage with key stakeholders to develop a publication solution that delivers free and comprehensive access to judgments in a structured machine-readable format.”

Media law

Whether you are interested in the Royals or not, this case is a juicy one simply on account of the number of potential claims — copyright infringement, breach of moral rights, defamation, Misuse of Private Information, and breach of data protection rights.

Legal professions

“We have now decided that, if these proposals are adopted, more time would be needed for implementation. We will announce the outcome of the engagement programme and any dates by which implementation would be required in due course.”

“Talk to Spot will allow barristers to talk through and record contemporaneously inappropriate moments at work. They can then choose to either save the report for their own reference, or print the report and send it to their chambers, their employer, or other bodies. They can also submit the report to the Bar Council.”

Commentary catchup

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